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Say hello to the home of tomorrow, where security, convenience and comfort brought by the world’s latest technologies come together to wow you right in the midst of your SafeLink Smart Home.

Safelink Automation for Family
Smart Home Solutions

Why Choose SafeLink?

Features of Automation

Smart for Every User

The goal is to make automation more accessible to people of all economic groups by delivering intelligent hardware + software solutions that are meant to make systems smarter and hence allow humans to operate seamlessly.

Product range for automation

Designed to deal with Any Situation

Safelink's smart devices are not only attractive but also efficient. They all work 100% on WiFi and programmed with the newest IFTTT technology. They send you reports on the amount of electricity used by various gadgets in your home. They can also be operated using your smartphone from anywhere in the world. Overall, these devices are designed to provide you with a control switch that allows you to deal with any scenario at your location without having to be physically present.

Smart Home Features

Automate your Existing Ecosystem

SafeLink aims to make every appliance in your home smarter by not only allowing you to monitor and control them with your smartphone and voice commands, but also scheduling them according to your schedule. Smartness is wired in all the devices to automate home appliances and make them self-report as well as remotely controllable. 

Night mode for home automation

Get all your appliances like AC, TV, Door Lock, Curtains, Lights, Fan, Audio System and more automated for easy accessibility and make them communicate with each other by using SafeLink's Smart Devices and Mobile Application.

Mobile app for home automation

Hello! We at SafeLink Automation are happy to guide you to switching to a smart home. Call / Drop us a message and we will get back as soon as we can!

Application for automatoion

Designed For You and Your Family

SafeLink Automation App has an easy to use interface, the app designed for people of all ages. The app acts as the epicenter to control all your switches and other appliances at home. It's compatible with all iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Safelink Automation app
Working from Home

Being able to chill my room and heat the water geyser are a blessing in disguise & I think everyone use these simple and efficient devices.

Vedant Mukund

Perfect and easy to use app for my entire family. In-laws are comfortable with it too.

Khushboo Shah

I love the NFC feature and easy voice assistants commands with Alexa. Makes home automation feel truly smart.

Janki Gupta


Request the Admin user to join their home. Once accepted, control all the devices in the home.


No extra hub/controller, works seamlessly on your existing Wi-Fi router


Our devices so small and discrete, they keep the overall look of your home clean and ultra-modern.


Automate specific tasks to be performed at a desired time, date, duration or on a loop, week after week.


Group multiple smart devices and also have preset scenes to trigger them simultaneously.


Have complete control of your smart home from anywhere in the world via the SafeLink Mobile App.


Compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Google Assistant.


Save 15-20% of your normal monthly power consumption in your SafeLink smart home.

Automation with Alexa

OK Google

You can monitor and operate SafeLink's Smart Gadgets not only with a gentle tap on your smartphone or by being physically present near it, but also with your voice by just saying the command. SafeLink's Smart gadgets are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri. So take your pick of SafeLink's devices home today and make your life finer, smarter and faster.

Switches & Controls

Explore Retrofit Switches, Metallic  and Glass Panel Touch Switches, Modular Switches and other light control options.

Safety & Security

Explore a wide range of Smart security & surveillance products like Door Locks, Cameras and Video Door Bells.

Sensors & More

Explore Smart Sensors such as door sensors, water leak sensors, microwave sensors, smoke sensors, and so on.

Switch to Smart with SafeLink Automation

Touch Switches
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