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Retrofit Switches

SafeLink's Wi-Fi Retrofit switches can transform the traditional switches at your place into a more smarter version. By doing so, you will not only be able to operate your switch physically how you used to but also via the SafeLink Mobile App. Control all automation features from anywhere in the world such as scheduling devices, setting routines, timers and creating scenes.

Retrofit Switch
Smart IR Remote

SafeLink Smart IR Remote is a universal portable remote which can act as a substitute for all IR remote controlled appliances. It is fitted with four IR blasters which can cover 360 degree radius. This Smart Remote can be connected to any USB power outlet (mobile chargers) and can be operated easily via Wi-Fi. It can be placed anywhere in the room to control appliances.

Touch Switch Features
IR Remote
Door & Closet Sensor

The Door and Closet Sensor provides full-time monitor of your gateways. This sensor provides full-time monitor of your gateways. Know the status through pop notifications whenever your door or closet is opened or closed from everywhere via the SafeLink App. With a discreet compact design, this Sensor provide instant and reliable performance as part of your security system.

Switch Size
Door Sensor
Smart Plug

SafeLink Heavy-Duty Smart Plug plug can be used for connecting heavy duty home appliances to the SafeLink Automation network. It contains a power measurement circuit for dynamic power measurement, inbuilt surge protector and ceramic housing for electrical protection. It can safely operate 6A and 16A rated appliances. It can communicate over the Wi-Fi and works with/without internet. With manual switching capability, it works well with users of all age groups.

Smart Plug
RGB Controller

Make your life more vibrant with Colors LED Strip. Multi-color LED light strip that glows in any color. Flexible like you want it. Fit the colour light strip wherever you wish, like walls, ceilings, cupboards and more.. Choose from any of the 16 million colors in the RGB spectrum. Combine your Colors lights strip with other smart light switches in SafeLink App to create a unique and special light combination. Create your own rainbow with patterns and enjoy with more features.

Retrofit features
RGBW Retrofit
Dimmable Driver

A 18W Dimmable Bi-Channel & 18W Dimmable CCT LED Drivers allows you to control the lights with one tap. With the PWM (flicker-free) technology present in the smart driver, you can increase or decrease the brightness from 0-100%  It is a one-of-a-kind driver that allows you to control two LED panels with your smartphone or with a voice assistant. The Ultimate driver that will help you build the right ambience or environment for any mood or lighting requirement!

Dimming Option
Curtain Controller

SafeLink’s Curtain controller can convert any curtain into an automated one. Whether you want to control the curtain in your house, office, studio, hotel and more, you can control them with the Safelink Automation app. The device is compatible with various types of system and rails up to 10m long. You can automate your existing curtains with smart settings, instead of purchasing a new set. No heavy machinery required, no drilling within the walls, no hammering or damaging the wall.

Morning Mood
Motion Sensor

Motion sensor is a device that provides safety convenience to the user as the lights automatically switch on with the detection of the motion. The motion sensor has a quick, easy and hassle-free installation process. The device can work with 3LUX ambient (3 being the minimum), and the light sensitivity can be adjusted according to the day and night light. It has a robust design for long-lasting performance and adjustable sensing range to meet your needs.

Light Sensor

Seamless Touch Switch

Touch Switches
Touch Switch
touch switch features
Smart Home Automation

Let the experts help you!

Switching to a Smart Home is an important decision for you and your family. Let us help you plan better to meet all your needs at a pocket friendly and truly smart way.

Cabinet Lock
Finger print lock
Cabinet Lock
Metal Crest Touch Switch
Colour of Touch Switch
Touch Switch
Touch Switch
Smart Door Lock
Door Bell
Smart Camera
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