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  • 4 Switch with Sensor Strip

4 Switch with Sensor Strip

Color: White

Safelink 4 Switch is smart devices that automate various electronic appliances with an app on your smartphone, including the appliances with IR remote control. Along with the device, you will find a sensor strip  as a complete package. With the sensor strip, you can control appliances that have an IR based remote, LUX (Light measurement), monitor power, create temperature and humidity based workflows and more. It is a must have device that connects you to various electronic appliances under one app.

  • Retrofit 4 switch smart device, fits into any switchboard.Can connect upto 3 normal loads and one dimmer load (like fan-regulator),Control and Schedule all your appliances connected to 5 switch from “SafeLink” Mobile Application Get all the features of SafeLink Red from Sensor Strip, with its inbuilt IR Blaster.Set workflows with inbuilt temperature sensor and any other portable sensors.It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can voice control your devices.

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