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  • Smart Heavy Duty Plug 16A

Smart Heavy Duty Plug 16A

Color: White

Heavy Duty Module 16A is a device that allows you to operate heavy-duty appliances with your smartphone. You can control appliances like ACs and Geysers that are rated under 16A with the device.

  • We have seen a variety of devices that help in automating an appliance, but the installation of the devices can be quite hectic. Hence we came up with SafeLink Smart Plug. It is a device that automates any appliance, such as AC, Geyser, TV and more, rated up to 16A. With this plug, you will be able to control any appliance from anywhere in the world with just your smartphone. Forgot to turn off your AC or geyser, no need to worry as the 16A SafeLink plug enabled with Wi-Fi, connected to the appliance, will help you check the current state and turn off the appliance.

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