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  • LED Dimmer Driver 18W CCT

LED Dimmer Driver 18W CCT

Color: White

LED driver is a device that allows you to automate two dimmable ceiling lights and the profile lights. With this driver, you will be able to switch on/off the lights and control the lights’ brightness. You can also configure the lights based on your workflow and schedules. With mesh technology, the lights’ LED drivers would be interconnected to a central gateway connected to the internet router. The central gateway would eventually provide internet connectivity to all the lights across the property, irrespective of connectivity range.

  • A 18W Dimmable CCT LED Driver allows you to control the lights with one tap. It is a one-of-a-kind tunable driver that allows you to control the lights with your smartphone or with a voice assistant. With the PWM (flicker-free) technology present in the smart driver, you can increase or decrease the brightness from 0-100% and 0.01% being the lowest possible light. it is the Ultimate Driver that will help you build the right ambience or environment for any mood or lighting requirement.

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